True British Style

British men are a byword for style the world over, and have been since the swinging sixties, when London became the style capital of the world. British men are uniquely lucky in that we have both our immaculate tradition of tailoring to draw on, coupled with our rich heritage of street styles and subcultures. Britannia is still cool, and the world’s eyes are still on us.

How best to rock the British style, you may well ask? Here are five tips to help you make the most of your personal style.

Wear One Tailored Piece – British men look good in a suit, but that doesn’t mean we have to wear them 24/7. Why not mix up your wardrobe by wearing just one tailored item – such as a jacket, or a well-cut pair of trousers – that fits you perfectly? Then, the rest will take care of itself.

 Mix and Match – Don’t be scared to be eclectic – that tailored jacket could go perfectly with a pair of jeans. Play with juxtapositions of colour and pattern, such as coloured shirts against tweeds, and play with your accessories – polka dot socks or an electric blue scarf will make you stand out.

Dress With a Feminine Twist – British dandies have been playing with gender fluidity for decades, with rock stars such as Keith Richards and David Bowie, and comedians who think they’re rock stars, from Russell Brand to Noel Fielding mastering a new style of heterosexual camp. Wearing clothes cut from traditionally feminine fabrics, or even a traditionally feminine cut, whether velvet jackets or silk scarves, make a dynamic contrast when paired with classically masculine clothes – and ladies love the look.

How to Dress Well – Great British Eccentric, George Melly

Stand Out – But Not Too Much – In Paris, people dress kind of samey, and outdo each other through the quality of their clothing, the elegance of the cut and the quality of the fabric. In Britain, you can stand out by embracing your individual style, All of the tips we’ve given you above should help you find – and express – yourself, in fashion. Run riot, but within reason. You want to look like an individual, possibly a great English eccentric – not a children’s TV presenter.

How NOT to Dress – Timmy Mallett, who scarred so many of our childhoods

So that’s our guide to dressing in the best of British style – above all, have fun with it.